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MONGOLIA: Adventure tour of Mongolia (16 days)

MONGOLIA: Adventure tour of Mongolia (16 days)

1st day: flight to Ulaanbaatar
Meeting at the airport, departure to Mongolia.

2nd day: flight to Ulaanbaatar – Ulaanbaatar
Arrival to Ulaanbaatar. Meeting with the guide, transfer to city centre, half day sightseeing tour in Mongolian capital: Gandan – the biggest and the most important Buddhist monastery in modern Mongolia, Genghis Square with Parliament building and monuments of Mongolian khans: Genghis, Kublai, Ögedei and 20th century Mongolian hero Sükhbaatar. A visit to the National Museum of Mongolian History and to The Winter Palace of Bogd – khan (the last theocratic leader of Mongolia called “living Buddha from Urga”). Dinner, transfer to your hotel, free time to relax. Overnight at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

3rd day: Ulaanbaatar – Baga Gazrin Chuluu
Breakfast at your hotel. Drive from Ulaanbaatar to the South to the semi-desert area of Baga Gazrin Chuluu. The area has got many wild animals such as mountain sheep called also argali (the largest sheep in the world). Short walk through the protected area, we will visit: sacred well, the ruins of the Buddhist temple. We go to visit the place where Genghis Khan stopped with his soldiers. Dinner and overnight in a traditional Mongolian yurt in Baga Gazrin Chuluu.

4th day: Baga Gazrin Chuluu – Zuut Jas – Flaming Cliffs – Bayanzag oasis
Breakfast. Transfer to the small monastery of Zuut Jas, which was built in the 18th century. We will see interesting original equipment of the temple, which was hidden by the nomads and survived communism’s time’s repressions. Drive far South into the Gobi desert. In the afternoon we will reach the famous Flaming Cliffs, which are the site of some of the most spectacular paleontological discoveries. Transfer to Bayanzag, beautiful oasis of Haloxylon trees in the heart of Gobi desert. This oasis was a very popular resting place during long journey between Mongolia and Tibet. Dinner and overnight in yurts.


5th day: Bayanzag – Yolyn Am (The Gorge of the Vultures) – Gurvan Saikhan (Three Beauties of the Gobi) – Khongoryn Els (sand dunes)
Breakfast. Drive through the Yolyn Am (The Gorge of the Vultures)– gorge in the mountain chain of Gurvan Saikhan (Three Beauties of the Gobi – part of Altai mountain range). Short walking tour. Transfer to Khongoryn Els – the largest moving sand dune of Mongolia, whose length is more than 100 kilometres and a height is more than 300 metres. In the evening we will ride a camel for about one hour. You can also climb the dune. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

6th day: Khongoryn Els – Ongiin Gol oasis and monastery
Breakfast. Drive North through scenic desert area of Ongiin Gol oasis. Visiting ruins of the old Buddhist monastery (founded in 17th century), one of the largest in the Gobi. This monastery was also a large university centre with four faculties. A visit to the small museum. Walking through the picturesque oasis. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

7th day: Ongiin Gol oasis – Orkhon Valley (Khurkhree)
Breakfast. Today we leave the Gobi desert and in the afternoon we reach steppes of Central Mongolia. Our destination will be Orkhon Valley which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will enjoy unspoiled area of periodical waterfall (called Khurkhree). Dinner and overnight in yurts of authentic nomad family (showers will not be available).

8th day: Orkhon Valley (Khurkhree – Tövkhön – Kharkhorin) – Tsenkher Hot Springs
Breakfast. Drive North to the 17th century monastery Tövkhön founded by Zanabazar – famous Mongolian artist, religious and political leader. About 1 hour trekking to the monastery, visiting temples and sacred caves. Drive to Kharkhorin, medieval capital of Great Mongol Empire, one of the largest countries in world’s history. Walk through the ruins (famous sculpture of the turtle). Visit to Erdene Zuu – the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Drive through the green Mongolian steppes to the beautifully located Tsenkher Hot Springs. Dinner and overnight in yurts in Tsenkher.

9th day: Tsenkher Hot Springs
Early in the morning enjoying bathing in a hot springs. Breakfast and horse riding for about one hour. Full day relaxation in Tsenkher. Optional traditional Mongolian massage. Dinner and overnight in yurts in Tsenkher.

10th day: Tsenkher – Tsetserleg – Chuluut Gol – Khorgo volcano
Breakfast. Transfer to Tsetserleg town, considered as the most beautifully located city in Mongolia. Visiting to the museum in an old Buddhist monastery. Drive through the picturesque area of Chuluut Gol to extinct volcano of Khorgo. About 20 minutes (one way) climbing volcano caldera. Enjoying amazing view of surrounding area from the top of Khorgo. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

11th day: Khorgo volcano – Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur – drive Route of Photographers to Jargalant
Breakfast. Short walking trips on the volcano or optional horse riding. Drive Route of Photographers passing lake called Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (Great White Lake) to the village Jargalant famous for hot springs. In the evening photo session in a traditional Mongolian dress and with the yaks. Bathing in a pool of the hot springs. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

12th day: Jargalant – Mörön – Uushigiin Uuver – Khövsgöl Lake
Breakfast. Drive north to Mörön, visit to Uushigiin Uuver – an ancient cult site where about 20 stones depicting images of deer, the sun and moon survived. Drive North to the Khövsgöl Nuur, the deepest and second largest lake of Mongolia. Dinner and overnight in yurts on the west bank of the lake.

13th day: Khövsgöl Lake
Breakfast. Sükhbaatar ship cruise on the lake (only between July 10th and August 25th), drive to the urts (traditional house similar to tipi) of Tsaatan people (Turkic origin community of reindeer herders). Tour on the western bank of the lake. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

14th day: Khövsgöl Lake
Breakfast. Free day, walks in the taiga, swimming in the lake or optional horse riding and meeting with a shaman. In the evening a short performance of throat singing. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

15th day: Mörön – Ulaanbaatar
Breakfast. Drive to Mörön, transfer to the airport* and flight to Ulaanbaatar. Free time in Ulaanbaatar for shopping. Dinner, overnight in Ulaanbaatar.

16th day: Ulaanbaatar – flight back
Transfer to the airport** for flight back to your destination. Arrival to your destination.

* You can extend your stay in Mongolia and visit Selenge valley and Amarbayasgalant monastery – 18th century pearl of architecture (we recommend extension for 2 days).
** You can extend your stay in Ulaanbaatar area and visit:
– Gorkhi Terelj National Park and Genghis statue,
– Bogd-khan Uul National Park, Zuun Mod and Manzshir monastery,
– Khustain Nuruu: famous Przewalski wild horse reserve.
For each extension you will need 1 or 2 days (depends if you want to stay overnight there).


* Domestic flight, travel by chartered minivan (UAZ) in the countryside, all transfers by chartered bus in the city area,
* Accommodation in a 3 * hotel in Ulaanbaatar in a double/twin rooms (with an attached bathroom), in the countryside accommodation in a ger camps (twin occupancy yurts, with shared showers/toilets in a separate building), one night with a nomad family (shower will not be available),
* 2 meals per a day: breakfast and dinner,
* boat trip on the Khövsgöl Lake (only between July 10th and August 25th),
* camel and horse ride,
* throat singing performance,
* Professional English and Mongolian speaking guide in Mongolia (also another languages speaking guides are available on your request).

* International flight to / from Ulaanbaatar,
* Entrance tickets: approx. 100 USD.

This is only sample of our offer. Any detail such as duration of the trip, standard of the accommodation and meal plan might be changed according to your preference. We will prepare a tailor made offer for you!