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Gourmet travel

Gourmet trips

To satisfy your clients palate we offer very special gourmet trips. Travellers will discover unique, very old recipes and try delicious traditional dishes.

Kyoko Ryoko is a best choice in organization of Gourmet tours all around the globe!

Let us help you to choose favourite destination for your unique gourmet trip.

Famous French, Italian, Spanish or Polish cuisines has so many possibilities and new ways to discover. We organize gourmet trips to Argentina, where guests can admire lovely meat, vegetables and first class wines. Peru has not only many historical monuments, but also excellent cuisine! In Balkan countries (Croatia, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia) your costumers can try delicious local dishes. Our gourmet trips to Turkey are focused on exploring very diversified cuisines of every region. Baltic countries and Scandinavia also offers many excellent possibilities to get same knowledge about Northern European cuisine. Why don’t try something in Asia? Japan, Korea, Taiwan or South East Asia offers plenty of choices to discover simple but extraordinary look and taste. Amazing gourmet in New Zealand? It’s a perfect choice, especially for fusion lovers. Explore old culinary traditions of Pacific islands – try lovely fishes and exotic vegetables and fruits.

We love gourmet itineraries which show the best of sightseeing of each country: your clients can understand mentality and way of life of the people. It had a big impact on development of culinary traditions.

We can organize cooking classes during all gourmet trips.

We organize special M.I.C.E. trip with gourmet elements.

Please contact us and we will carefully prepare tailor made offer for you!