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A trip around Europe’s patchwork of nations will inevitably make you rethink what you thought you knew about the place. As with any form of travel, with Kyoko Ryoko program surprises await in Europe: nationalities about whom you know little beyond lazy clichés will become familiar friends, both complex and contradictory. You will feel the chill on your spine when you see that iconic work of art in the flesh or find yourself standing right where that happened. You will at least once find yourself on a beach, up a mountain, at a cafe or in a club thinking “these people know how to live”.

Among its astonishing cultural heritage you’ll find everything from the Napoleonic splendour of Paris to a glorious scenery of Finland and diverse architecture, art, design, fashion and music in Belgium, Netherland, Estonia, Latvia or Macedonia. Enjoy walk on Avenue des Champs Elysees, an boulevard famous for its theatres, cafes and luxury shops. The view of Eiffel Tower will leave you breathless, so will a visit of Montmartre, a famous district of artists. You will see the world-famous Atomium in Brussels. After arrival to Luxembourg, Kyoko Ryoko will take you to the many historic sites of the city – the picturesque historical town, the cathedral, the palace of the Grand Duke and the Place des Armes. On the other side is Macedonia which remains one of Europe’s last undiscovered spots, being centrally located in the Balkans. You will experience firsthand Macedonia’s rich and diverse gastronomy and beautiful nature. Hospitable Baltic and Scandinavian culture, futuristic modern architecture and extravagant gourmet food but also amazing shopping with affordable prices, all of this and little more awaits you in capital cities of Northern Europe.