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Asia and Pacific

Amazing tourist destinations in Asia and Pacific are diverse. Asia represents the most interesting destination for people who want to experience uneasiness and fast paced life of big cities with a rich and long tradition and culture. Name Asia comes from the Assyrian word Asu, which means sunrise. Asia is a continent full of contrasts – in Asia are the highest mountains in the world and deepest sea valleys. Asian travel destinations include top-class accommodations, the latest fashion trends shoppings, city tours and delicious local cuisine. Tourists will visit up to several thousand years old famous cultural and historical landmarks of Asia. Kyoko Ryoko presents the most wanted destinations that you absolutely must visit if you are embarking on an adventure and journey to Asia and Pacific area. All exotic destinations that you’ve listened to about are so much closer now than before.

In this section Kyoko Ryoko travel program will help you in planning a perfect and memorable adventure in a rainforest of Borneo, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, in Malaysia. Get to explore the diverse wildlife, museums, nightlife, monuments and a wide range of shopping attractions of Tokio and Kyoto in Japan with us for 8 or 14 days. Take a fragrant stroll through the botanical gardens of Nadi, Fiji before settling in on the beach to watch the sun slip down for the night. Be the part of adventure in the South Pacific area through the archipelago of Tonga where most islands are coral origin, towering volcanic islands Tofu and Kao. Explore the rich cultural heritage of Taiwan which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in various Aborigines festivals. Allow us to organize a trip to fit your needs and spend your dream vacation!