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About us


Who We Are?

This word means “hello” in Estonian language. Let us introduce Kyoko Ryoko – a travel agency with head office based in Tallinn, medieval capital of Estonia.
We are a travel agency providing professional tailor made trips for tour operators and travel agencies from all countries. Due to local partners and representatives all around the world we are operating globally: in Europe, Asia and Pacific, Americas and Africa. Our international team will be very glad to work with you!

How we work for you?

We start with professional tour planning assistance. We will provide you all necessary informations, texts, photos and materials needed for preparation of the best, always tailor made program for your customers! We will check every detail you need to prepare offer you will be proud and will be able to sell it out easily .
When the group is ready for departure, let their dreams come true! We will organize every detail of the trip, including professional guide service, hotel and transportation reservation and also arrange high quality meals and drinks for them. We do our best to provide service with quality as we agreed in “Terms and conditions” of the trip. Our guides and Tallinn head office team will assist you and your clients in all needs during the trip.
We are a travel agency dedicated exclusivelly for tour operators and travel agencies (we are serving only tourists tour operator is sending for us, not individuals). All services we provide for your groups will be always signed with your company name and logo. Welcome banner at the airport, welcome letter in the room, “reserved” paper on the table of the restaurant and info in the front of the bus the group will travel will be always marked with your company name, logo and also your country national flag. Your clients will get local presents in the beginning and on the end of the trip. Welcome drink will be served on the day of arrival.

Guides are very important

We know it is so important to have a good guide. We have very professional, experienced guides, having not only a good knowledge about countries where they work, but also very high level of responsibility, the personal culture and sense of humour. Some of them are originally from your country, but are living for many years abroad and can share their knowledge about the place where they live. Some of them are locals, coming from the places where they work, but in the past they spent many years in your country, so they can speak your language and understand very well your culture.
We provide you not only English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc, but also very rare languages guiding options. We have contracted guides speaking in over 50 languages, always with very high language proficiency.
Most of our guides are living in the country where they work, so you can send your group with simple instructions about the flight (we always prepare it for you). Upon arrival they will start their tour. At the end of their trip our guide will assist them till they depart back home.
We can also arrange travel assistance all the time when they travel from home to their destination and on the way back.


Safety guaranteed

Our company is registered in Estonia, European Union’s country being famous for high technology, business – friendly atmosphere and innovational, highly developed, but still fastly growing economy. You can feel safe while cooperating with us. Kyoko Ryoko is registered under registration nr 12645765 as a travel agency with a licence to provide worldwide services for tour operators.

We sell plane, train and bus tickets, arrange all entrance tickets and visas.
We organize meetings, incentive trips, conferences and events. We have also an experience in organizing special interest tours: gourmet trips, bird watching, fishing trips, cruises, pilgrimages. We organize honeymoon trips.
We will arrange special dietary meals as requested (for example according to halal regulations).
We assist you with organization of medical tourism trips.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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